Investing Guru Warns Against Emotional Decisions While Trading Bitcoin

Jason Zweig is a personal finance columnist who authors the weekly column ‘The Intelligent Investor’. He has also written a book by the same name, in addition to other books such as ‘Your Money and Your Brain’ and ‘The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.’

He has worked for Money magazine and Forbes and was also a guest columnist at Time and CNN.

Jason Zweig, the author of the Wall Street Journal column ‘The Intelligent Investor’ gave his views on Bitcoin at the Evidence-Based Investing conference in New York.

Who is Jason Zweig?

Cryptocurrency Investing

When Zweig was asked about investing in cryptocurrencies, he asked investors to be clear upfront about how they would react to rapid price movements.

Make sure you look first at an exit strategy before investing. Either it is going to be worth nothing or a lot of money.

Extreme price volatility can lead to investors taking emotional decisions. Zweig asked investors to be on their guard against that. Planning strategy upfront can have a sobering effect.

Nothing is as poisonous to rational investing as making a massive amount of money.

Fan of Warren Buffet

Jason Zweig is a fan of Warren Buffet and believes that Buffett and Charlie Munger are among the greatest investors of all time. He attributes this to their ability not to be swayed by emotion. Zweig’s investing hero, however, has called Bitcoin a mirage and a bubble. Buffet has a policy of not investing in things he doesn’t understand, and it is clear that he does not quite appreciate the paradigm shift that Bitcoin is bringing about.

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