Charlie Shrem «Among The First» To Apologize Over SegWit2x Bitcoin Fork

They took to Charlie Shrem’s Twitter page to vent their displeasure as he apologizes for supporting the upgrade. The SegWit2x upgrade was abruptly called off yesterday, about a week before its proposed launch, due to lack of consensus.

The botched attempt to upgrade the Bitcoin network via SegWit2x is settling quickly. However, some in the Bitcoin community are bent on making its crusaders feel the heat.

Mea culpa

Shrem tweeted:

For many, his words didn’t have the intended effect. Several commenters showed disdain for Shrem because of his support of the software upgrade. Vake‏ @vakeraj notes it would have been better if Shrem had realized this long ago, rather than wasting countless hours of developer time.

Another respondent, Hunter Shields‏ @huntershieldz, claims it would be hard to trust Shrem in the future, asserting that he’d lied about consensus. The tweet says: «You didn’t follow the BIP process of SCIENCE/CONSENSUS. You almost rushed a HARD FORK costing billions of OTHER people’s money.  And wasted time/energy/money of others the past six months. Someone lied about consensus.»

Others reference his previous roles in the community and credit his ability to come out and make a public apology.

ARD‏ @ar_d2012 tweets: «Charlie I watched documentaries about you when I was learning about Bitcoin. I made my girlfriend watch. You were a hero for me. If I see you I WANT to take a picture with you.. But I was devastated to know you supported #segwit2x.»

Others like Chris Ani‏ @Christianani1 and 1X Gonzo‏ @gonzoucab praise Shrem’s «good heart» what he has done for Bitcoin. A. Hannan Ismail‏ @A_Hannan_Ismail simply states: «You’re a good man.»

A Bitcoin entrepreneur and advocate, Shrem is a founding member of Bitcoin Foundation. He was made the business development director for Jaxx, a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet, in May.

Shrem’s hope in his apology that his intentions – as well as that of others – would be seen in the long term as good, as this was also questioned. Two respondents refer him to the saying that «the way to hell is paved with good intentions.»

There have also been calls for crypto users to push for signers of the New York Agreement such as BitPay, BitGo, Coinbase and Gemini to start using SegWit.

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