Litecoin (LTC) price forecast for 2019

The last time the rate of hash Litecoin reached a record high of 359 TH / s, which emphasizes a much stronger network. The FXCM group, a leading international online foreign exchange company, recently announced that it has expanded its cryptocurrency offer by adding Litecoin, its third CFD cryptocurrency. 

Recently, Charlie Lee announced that Litecoin is introducing Confidential Transactions to fix a fraud issue. This is a huge step towards the growth of Litecoin, since it will no longer be called Bitcoin’s sister. It will have its own identity. MibleWimble protocol will be used to make Litecoin more flexible, private and scalable.

Litecoin’s confidential transaction will help alleviate problems such as knowing the history that a product or product was used for use that was inherent in public blockchains.

Currently, Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $ 82.75. With an LTC price of 6.59% today. Litecoin’s market capitalization  is USD 5076513927 with LTL 61348709 currently circulating. The 24-hour price chart shows that LTC is trading at $ 2,496,012,672. Over the past 24 hours, the price peaked at $ 84.1694, and the lowest price was $ 76.7408.

There is a possible increase in the value of the LTC coin, which is projected to increase to at least $ 230 by the end of this year. Litecoin price forecast was made on the basis of the fact that it is the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world.

What is Litecoin (LTC)?

Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, to create something easier and cheaper than Bitcoin, hence the name. On October 7, 2011, Litecoin was released by an open source client on GitHub. Litecoin is formed from bitcoin, with similar characteristics and characteristics. So this is bitcoin fork. Litecoin is an improved version of Bitcoin, which will reduce brand awareness.

Litecoin is one of the most undervalued and reasonable cryptocurrencies in the world, existing for seven years since 2011. Litecoin is more accessible to people than Bitcoin, which is why it is known as “silver” cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is called “gold” cryptocurrency.

Market Forecast for Litecoin 2019 Price

In conditions of market instability, cryptocurrency price forecasting is indeed one of the most difficult tasks.

Let’s look at the publications and personalities, as well as their statement regarding the LTC price forecast, which will give us a fairer idea:

# 1 Finder

According to the technical analysis presented by, they predict that by the end of 2019, LTC could reach about $ 40 and that it’s good for long-term investments. This is about 18% more if taken from today’s rate, which is $ 32.

# 2 times Oracle

According to Oracle, the advantages of Litecoin over Bitcoins make it attractive for investment, and by the end of 2019 it can reach about $ 1,000. They even stated that there are other forecasts, according to which he can even reach $ 2,000.

No. 3 PR investing

According to, the price of Litecoin may reach $ 1,000 by the end of the year.

# 4 George Tung

George Tung, a cryptocurrency analyst, predicted that the Litecoin price could rise to $ 1,500 by the end of next year.

# 5 Kelly

Kelly, head of BK Capital Management (LLC), states that the  Litecoin price   could reach $ 500 by the end of this year. This is the conservative approach of a Wall Street trader. He says it can even reach $ 600.

Our Litecoin Price Forecast Verdict

Although now is not the time for crypto space, Litecoin has quite good results compared to peers. Obviously, most of the credit belongs to Charlie Lee, since he finally introduced Confidential Transactions (CT), such as confidentiality coins, such as ZCash and Monero, which reflect problems with flexibility, scalability and confidentiality.

Even the adoption rate is quite high, as quite recently the Litecoin logo was advertised on the mat of the famous fight UFC, which helped grab the eyeballs. Even in the new mall in Singapore, an ATM is installed, which accepts bitcoins and lightcoins.

Litecoin 2019 Price Forecast

LTC will maintain a rate of between 150 and 250 dollars. In November, the maximum price this year will be $ 250, after which it will again drop to $ 230. Even a half Litecoin reduction will occur in August 2019, when the miner’s reward per block drops by almost 50%, which may increase Litecoin’s demand exponentially.

The rate of addition to exchanges and the adoption of merchants will also increase dramatically. Other popular solutions include Surf Air, which operates on the west coast of the United States and began accepting payments at Litecoins. Even a supermarket called Oasis in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil began to take LTC.

Litecoin 2020 Price Forecast

It is expected that 2020 will be the most visible year for cryptocurrencies, LTC may also experience growth. This can start around $ 250, where it can reach $ 400 in the first quarter. In June, LTC could reach $ 500, after which it could remain at around $ 500.

By the end of the year, that is, by December, it will decrease slightly and could reach $ 470.

Litecoin price forecast in five years

The Litecoin price forecast is based on the fact that it is the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Litecoin, with its low transaction costs and fast confirmation times, is becoming the “new global payment standard for consumers and businesses around the world  

It also convinces merchants that costs are probably lower than they thought. Payment processing fees are much lower than credit cards and other payment methods, and even integration is free.

As the currency gains in popularity, the adoption rate may also increase. This is already high compared to other newbies. In 2022 and 2023, the price will soar quite high, where it can reach $ 900. You can  convert LTC to BTC  from CoinSwitch at the best prices.

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