XRP boost as BitPay announces worldwide support – can bulls react?

XRP price is down 5% in the past 24 hours to trade below $0.60, with bears threatening to wipe out all gains from the past month or two.

The win over SEC that catapulted the Ripple cryptocurrency higher has all but faded too. For XRP bulls, it’s all looking ominous with prices likely to retreat to a key support base. But could a reaction be in the offing even as the market ponders its next move amid widespread stagnation?

On August 4, blockchain payments provider BitPay released a major update – an impending worldwide support for XRP.

XRP got a BitPay boost

BitPay released worldwide support for XRP, allowing #BitPay users across the world to buy, store, swap and spend $XRP across all BitPay solutions.

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– BitPay (@BitPay) August 15, 2023

According to the company, adding the cryptocurrency to the list of supported coins (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin) would allow merchants to accept payments in XRP from across 100 wallets.

BitPay’s move means its customers can now buy XRP, store it or spend it on goods and services from anywhere in the world where merchants accept the top 10 altcoin.

What’s the XRP price reaction?

The XRP market hasn’t seen significant upside reaction in the days following the news. Indeed, prices are down 10% in the past week. However, adoption news for XRP has been steady since Ripple’s triumph over SEC, and could see more bullish reaction if the regulator loses again.

Looking at the charts, the daily RSI is heading deeper into the oversold territory and more room for sellers means prices could be poised for a retest of a previous support-turned-resistance zone at $0.55. A deeper rot to lows of $0.40 is possible.

However, the 100-day SMA is located here and could provide a robust buffer. A rebound in the short term could bring bulls to the 50-day SMA level – with the hurdle at round $0.62 – and highlight a return to above $0.70.

The psychological $1.00 remains the desired short-term play, before a retest of 2021 highs.

  • XRP price is trading below $0.60, down 5% in the past 24 hours.
  • BitPay recently announced worldwide support for XRP payments.
  • Key price levels are at $0.55 and $0.70, respectively demand and reload zones.

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