Win Even Bigger With The CoinDragon Challenge

Over the next two weeks, CoinDragon is running several competitions including the X-Factor Daily Challenge, the X-Factor Jackpot Challenge, as well as daily competitions on their Telegram and Twitter channels.

CoinDragon have burst onto the scene with their entertaining array of propriety games. Living up their entertaining nature, CoinDragon has also recently unveiled a series of promotions to keep their players enthralled. They must be busy on that side!

You gotta be fast, you gotta be savvy, and you gotta love to win!

You’ll obviously need to join their Telegram channel to participate, as well as follow them on Twitter.

Right, are you ready to hear what these awesome promotions are?

What’s Your X-Factor?

Keep an eye on their Telegram channel for the daily CODEWORD announcement, and then head over to the X-Factor game. Place a bet on X-Factor with at least a 25x multiplier and when you win – take a picture and send it to the Telegram group. The same process gets you entered into both the Daily and Jackpot competitions.

coindragon challenge

Daily X-Factor Challenge

Stay tuned for multiple CODEWORD announcements each day. In order to win the daily prizes you will need to be the first post following the CODEWORD being released. The daily prize can be won multiple times, as long as you’re the first one that submitted the bet with the new CODEWORD. Winners will instantly receive 50 000 SATS BTC.

Jackpot X-Factor Challenge

The Jackpot Challenge accumulates all the Telegram entries and rewards the top 5 bets with the highest multiplier among all participants during these two weeks. You can post multiple bets, but for the overall challenge rewards, they will only count your bet with the highest multiplier for the main prizes.

The top 5 users with the highest multipliers will get the prizes in this order:

1st place: 2,000,000 SAT BTC

2nd place: 1,000,000 SAT BTC

3rd place: 500,000 SAT BTC

4th place: 250,000 SAT BTC

5th place: 100,000 SAT BTC

You cannot win multiple prizes, one prize per user.

In case of a tie, the participant who posted the bet first will get the higher prize.

How To Play

When you post your picture of your bet with at least a 25x multiplier on our Telegram channel, please follow the template:

  • Your CoinDragon Public Display Name
  • Bet ID
  • Screenshot of the bet

A simple challenge is in front of you all. All you have to do is to be faster than everyone else for our Daily challenge, and for our Jackpot challenge have a bet with the highest multiplier among all the participants!

This promotion will last for 2 weeks. Daily prizes will be distributed on a daily basis, while the overall winners will be announced within 24 hours after the promotion ends.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum bet amount: 100 SAT BTC or 3000 SAT BCH
  • Template (as described in How To Play) must be followed.
  • Only bets made after this challenge has been posted will be valid.
  • You can post multiple bets, but for the overall challenge rewards, they will count only your bet with the highest multiplier for the main prizes.
  • When you want to post the next bet, please post it in a separate post, don’t edit the previous one.
  • Every bet you post will be included in both of the challenges (Daily and Jackpot).


CoinDragon will be posting the daily winners and the overall leaderboard on this thread, their Telegram channel and Twitter page every day while this promotion lasts.

Daily winners list will be announced using your CoinDragon Public Display Name and the prize you won, and the leaderboard will include your CoinDragon Public Display Name and the maximum multiplier you have submitted so far.

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