Top 5 Tips for Winning at Online Poker

Already worked out all the changes you need to become the kick-ass-online-poker-playing-badass of your dreams? Nice. We’re behind you all the way, as if these top 5 tips for winning online poker didn’t already say that.

So get in your distraction-free zone, check out some software and get ready to put these tips to practice. We know just the place for you to start: the best places to play online poker.

We’re not saying that Poker is the greatest game in the world, but we’re also not saying that it’s not. Whether online or in your basement, poker requires the perfect combination of luck and skill to get anyone fired up for another round. Personally, we’re more inclined to online poker (it’s just that much more efficient) but we’re not judging.

We’re just here to help you take your online poker game to the next level. Here are the top 5 tips for winning at online poker.

#5 Learn from the Low-stakes Tables

Start small. Learning the flow and fundamentals of an online poker game without the pressure of high stakes will absolutely build your game for the long run, in the best way. After all, isn’t the idea to win big? Starting small gives you a chance to get a feel for sussing out the other players, learn to read the great ones from the novice ones, and learn how to play them – something you can’t always immediately tell in online poker.

#4 Find that Distraction-free Zone

This might sound like fluff but trust us – this is NB. You don’t want to miss out on a valuable piece of information or make an average move because of outside distractions. If you really want to win at online poker, find a quiet, distraction-free zone that allows you to get that focus on. Sure playing on the tube on the way home is tempting, but if you really want to build your game, get in the right zone.

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#3 Start with a Single Table

Start by playing at one table and build your way up. Actually, much like anything that you want to be great at. Start by playing a single table, and once you’re nailing it move onto the next level: multi tables. Playing at multi-tables is a whole other ball game, but one that you will absolutely master if you learn the game the right way. Winning is for champions, but so is progress.

#2 Use Software to Power up Your Online Poker Game

Unlike with live (in person) poker games, online poker offers you an added advantage – software. While it’s not entirely frowned upon, be sure to check in with the online casino’s terms and conditions just to be safe. Some online casinos may even have some helpful software already integrated in their games. Things like note-taking players’ strengths or weaknesses can help you at a later stage when you two might cross paths again, same with colour tagging players.

Some examples of software that can enhance your chances of winning at online poker are:

#1 Stick to the Basics and You’re on the Fast Track to Winning

Keep it simple and don’t try any elaborate bluffs in the early stages. Don’t expect to be a poker champ overnight, you’ll get there but be patient, smart and always ready to learn a new trick. More often than not, play “ABC poker” and let the cards fall as they will. There will be tons of time for your cunning tricks later when you’ve learnt the fundamentals of being a winning online poker player.

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