Binance CEO Confirms XRP Will Be Added As A Base Pair

Binance To Support XRP As A Base Pair. Over the past weeks, specifically over the past few days, the community surrounding XRP, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has rallied to its side, asking Binance, the world’s foremost exchange, to list the asset as a base pair.

One user, who goes by the moniker “IzombieXRP”, asked Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the aforementioned exchange’s fervent chief executive, to list XRP as a base pair as a seeming present to the crypto community. In response to the quip, which gained boatloads of traction, CZ, being a good sport and all, responded by writing “be careful what you wish for”, ending his cryptic message with a cheeky smiley face.

As reported by Ethereum World News previously, at the time, this short, innocuous message was seen as a hint that the startup would list XRP as a base pair, a request that has likely plagued the inbox of Binance staffers for months, if not a year.

And now, just a few days later, Zhao, likely feeling the holiday season hit his nerves, revealed that his brainchild – Binance – will be adding the aforementioned asset as a “quote (base) shortly.” It wasn’t explained which pairs would support the new base pair, but it can be assumed that leading cryptocurrencies will be matched with XRP.

As Binance’s UI is reportedly running out of space, Ether pairs will be renamed to “ALTS”, likely to reduce confusion for users on the exchange.

This Is Not A Drill

When CZ issued the tweet, the crypto community at large had a self-contained riot of sorts, with XRP proponents and Bitcoiners speaking on the matter in a state of confusion, disarray, and disbelief. Eric Thies, a prominent crypto advocate, joked that “in before #thestandard army RT’s this around the globe 10 million times”, accentuating the fact that he isn’t the biggest fan of the asset.

John Dean, seemingly confused by this happenstance, asked Zhao if this was an early April fools joke. The Binance chief responded by stating that it would be distasteful for him to “post false messages as jokes”, even on a day like April 1st.

The community surrounding the XRP project went into a bullish clamor, with one Steven Diep noting that “this news is bigger than the asset being listed on Coinbase.” Dr. T, a well-followed Ripple lover, thanked Zhao for adding the aforementioned asset as a base, lauding Binance for its monumental rise to prominence. The pro-Binance sentiment was echoed by much of the XRP community, as they seem to be now enamored with Binance

As this news broke, XRP began to surge, finding legs as Zhao made the aforementioned announcement. At the time of writing, Ripple’s go-to asset is currently valued at $0.44 a pop, moving 11.5% higher on the back of the Binance news alone. Considering the hegemony that Binance has established over this nascent market, many optimists are convinced that the digital asset will head in the short to medium-term.

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