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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Declares War on Ethereum as They Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

Cardano has What it Takes to Overtake Ethereum. As Cardano celebrated their 3rd anniversary, they noted that they…

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Charles Hoskinson on Project Catalyst and How it Influences the Cardano Blockchain

Project Catalyst and the Cardano Blockchain. Project Catalyst will encourage entrepreneurs to create apps on the Cardano blockchain….

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Hoskinson Says Cardano’s Stablecoin Will be Better Than MakerDAO as ADA Gains Bullish Momentum

Cardano and Decentralized Finance. Hoskinson referred to the partnerships that they have made over the years to promote…

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Hoskinson’s Obsession With Decentralized Finance might be just What Cardano Needs

Cardano ADA Gathers Momentum is the Uptrend Begins. The Cardano ADA token has become bullish again. After the…

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Transactions on the Cardano Network Reach Record High as Hoskinson Releases September Roadmap

Cardano ADA Price Drops Despite the Progress of the Cardano Blockchain. At the time of writing, the price…

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Charles Hoskinson Says he is the King of Rats After Adam Back Talks About Bitcoin

Charles Hoskinson is the King of Rats. Everyone knows that Cardano is Hoskinson’s favorite project. Even if he…

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Charles Hoskinson Praises Cardano’s Performance Improvements

Cardano Keeps Getting Better With New Improvements on the Way. According to Charles Hoskinson, the new updates will…

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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Talks About DAO, Cardano staking Guilds and Portfolios

Hoskinson Releases a new Whiteboard Video with Important Details. In his latest whiteboard video, Hoskinson said that it…

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Charles Hoskinson Unveils New Cardano Projects With Shelley Upgrade Less than 24 Hours Away

Cardano Shelley Launch is Scheduled to Take Place Tomorrow and Everything is Already in Place. In other news,…

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Cardano ADA Gets Listed on Uphold While Charles Hoskinson Talks About the New Protocol

Technology is ever-evolving. So, it’s not a surprise that protocols, even advanced protocols like the Cardano blockchain…

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Polymath, Charles Hoskinson Team Up on Security Token Blockchain

Dubbed Polymesh, the new platform will be designed specifically for companies that want to create regulation-compliant security…

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IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson Says Crypto Industry Needs More Interoperability

Charles Hoskinson, a founder of IOHK, the firm that developed cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA), said that the cryptocurrency…