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UK Banks Freeze Company’s Accounts After Owner Traded on Localbitcoins

Scott Snaith, the owner of cryptocurrency mining electric bicycle retailer, 50cycles, has sought to deter businesses from…

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Free Bitcoins from 55 Faucets

Bitcoin faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page…

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Record: Nigerian Trio Allegedly Uses Money Laundering Proceeds to Buy Bitcoins Worth Over $43 Million

Three Nigerian nationals are charged of utilizing cash laundering continues to purchase bitcoin well worth over$43 million…

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Rally legend’s car sold at auction for bitcoins

An anonymous buyer bought a Subaru WRX for $ 361,000 in Bitcoin at an Australian auction. Such…

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80% of bitcoins belong to long-term investors: BTC is ready for a new rally

Long-term holders continue to increase their share of total bitcoin volume amid renewed market volatility, Glassnode notes…

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UK Post Launches Commission-Free Cryptocurrency Sale Service

The UK Postal Service is now offering customers the ability to buy Bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies,…

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At least 2.45 percent of all lost bitcoins can be recovered

Roughly 40 percent of the 1,000 cryptocurrency holders who took part in a recent Cryptovantage survey have…

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Large investors are buying bitcoins like at the end of 2020. Where it leads?

According to the analytical platform CryptoQuant, the reserves of cryptocurrency exchanges have dropped to values ​​that were…

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The TV studio is looking for investors who have lost access to their bitcoins. They will have a show about them

ITV America has announced the casting for a new reality show targeted at people who have lost…

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Tesla sold 10 percent of its bitcoins. Cause of concern for cryptocurrency investors?

Tesla released its first quarter 2021 earnings earlier this week. Among other things, the document contains interesting…

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WeWork coworking network starts accepting bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

The American coworking and office network WeWork is yet another organization that has begun accepting bitcoins and…

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A well-known financier sold half of his bitcoins. Why did he do it?

Renowned financier and CNBC host Jim Kramer sold half of his bitcoins to pay off a mortgage….