KryptoGraphe App Review – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager

kryptographe app

kryptographe app

KryptoGrapheis a free iOs and Android mobile app which can be used as a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager to manage your cryptocurrency trading and investments.

It achieves this via a range of features including:

  • FIFO based accounting
  • Portfolio performance insights
  • Cryptocurrency metrics and dashboards
  • Cryptocurrency news and market updates
  • CoinMarketCap Top 100 current state view

The KryptoGraphe mobile app boasts being available in 13 languages with more to be added.

On GooglePlay store, the KryptoGraphe app has been downloaded over 10,000 times, and based on 163 votes is rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The basic app is free and is this funded by advert inclusion. If you pay for the premium version costing a one time fee of $4.99, you will not be subjected to adverts as well as enabling multi-device portfolio management – implying the basic version is for one device only.

You can also trade in earned KryptoGraphe tokens to cover the cost of application upgrade.

KryptoGraphe Features

According to their Application description, the app has a variety of key features which we will discuss below.

  • Portfolio Tracker & Management

The platform allows you to review your investments performance via profit, loss and % of change (growth or decline). You can view either your whole portfolio at once or zoom in to review a specific asset on a specific timeline (days, weeks, months etc). You can also view more than one account in the same exchange at the same time.

  • Crypto Portfolio Relative Performance

You are able to review the performance of your portfolio against the performance of other investors in either your country, those with a similar portfolio size or the top 25% using this platform.This adds a game theory element where application users can review and compete on the performance returns of their portfolio.

  • Portfolio Percentile Score

Expanding on the competitive game aspect mentioned above, this factor is a means to review your portfolio against other app users on a basis of how it’s doing on an absolute basis (Growth Nos) and relative to other investors in the market (Percentile Nos). You can then filter this against all investors or investors you chose to follow with similar portfolios for example.

  • Built in News & Crypto Market Information

The app has a built-in page which updates multiple in times a day to provide up-to-date cryptocurrency news as well as information on the performance of Bitcoin,Altcoins and the general crypto market in terms of the latest market cap, coin specific percentage change per day, volume of trades etc. You can customise this by creating a watchlist to focus on those which interest youThe aim baing to make an investors life more efficient by trying to fold everything up into one solution.

  • Referral Reward System

By referring friends to download the app or by following KryptoGraphe on social media they incentivise participation by enabling users to earn KryptoGraphe tokens.Similarly, instead of offering a listed bounty program they encourage people to  provide feedback on their application in return for KryptoGraphe tokens.

kryptographe app

kryptographe app

Compatible Exchanges

To date their platform has already synchronised via API with a variety of popular exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Binance and HitBTC to name but a few. The full list can be viewed on their website and currently boasts 29 exchanges with promise of more to follow.

Note however that this API synchronisation is for performance tracking only and does not currently enable any transactions – you cannot buy, sell or trade through the KryptoGraphe interface.

Wallets Integration

You can also manually enter the assets you store offline for performance tracking purposes only. You can also synchronise off-exchange wallets forBitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple. Though again this list is due to be reviewed and extended in time.

User Interface and UX Design

The application interface is very simplistic and clean; thus KryptoGraphe do thankfully appear to have put some thought into the UX design which is often an overlooked factor in the crypto scene. As a result of this it makes the interface quite intuitive.If you do encounter any issues in operating the interface, they do have a list of FAQs on their website as well as the comments and reviews on PlayStore which indicate KryptoGraphe are responsive.


Although their website and app user interface is clean and well considered; the animation videos they use to summarise the project are just too minimal and in fact not very informative in solitude. The mobile app is easy to find being on iOs and Android, and is not too large to cause device lagging.

The app itself is free and you only need to pay to get rid of adverts which presents a great opportunity for people to try it, see if they like it, then opt in for premium if they choose to proceed.

The API is linked to many leading exchanges which is great for tracking performance across the range in terms of price variance; however it is just to view pricing – you cannot buy/sell/trade through this interface, meaning the app cannot be used in isolation.

The dashboard allows you to review the performance of your assets either independently or compared against other application users. This creates a competitive edge by implementing a game like edge – alternatively it could be seen to settle your nerves and assure if your assets are performing ok or not. You can also filter on specific cryptos and timelines for clearer assessment.

Other than tracking the performance of your assets you can also catch up on crypto news through this platform. It is apparently updated 4 to 5 times a day. Having an extra news resource can never be a bad thing.

Overall, it is useful that you can manually insert your asset totals and track performance without worrying about your assets being at risk since they can be safely stored offline. This tool is purely for your own knowledge and performance tracking.

They admit by the suggestion of providing tokens for the identification of bugs and suggestion of community app improvements that the platform is not perfect; however their acceptance of community engagement and their responsiveness to comments online is a positive indication of their enthusiasm to make this app a useful tool for any investor to track the value of their total assets; both online and offline without risking their placement on another 3rd party exchange in order to track it.

To find out more you can view their website:www.kryptographe.com

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