Interesting ICOs to Open in February 2018 – the Top 5

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February is another interesting month for initial coin offerings, with new and interesting projects ready to launch their public token sales. Have a look at 5 ICOs that have caught our eye this month, and let us know what you think below in the comments section.

While cost effective, referral marketing has it drawbacks: it is increasingly expensive, the threat of fraud persists, and then there are the layers of middlemen. Refereum aims to resolve these problems for the video gaming industry with the Refereum platform, providing a secure and transparent bond between developers and gamers.

With the Refereum coin (RFR), developers can reward players or influencers for promoting their game, which players can then use to purchase more games or convert to cash. Refereum allows anyone to participate without requiring a bank account.

In their own words: “Refereum is the first referral marketplace for games. The RFR token rewards gamers for their engagement and purchases with full transparency. Over 150,000 gamers have joined the platform in the two months since launch, and the number of gamers continues to grow exponentially.

Refereum token sale opens February 8, 2018

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Dogezer is a platform that aims to allow entrepreneurs to create their software development teams without the burden of finding outside funding. It cuts this obstacle by making the team members investors. Project owners will have the option to use legally binding promises to hire a team who worked together a shared goal as collaborators, team mates, and investors.

What’s more, the Dogezer platform will bring together a set of custom made development tools, similar to GitHub, Google Docs, and UpWork, which can be used by traditional companies to combine the stacks of current tools, like those mentioned above, in one platform.

In their own words: “Dogezer integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project specific tokens to reward results and incentivize collaboration.

Dogezer token sale opens February 15, 2018

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Squeezer aims to make the life of programmers easier and the blockchain more accessible by allowing anyone to create an app which utilises the blockchain with as little as one command added to the code.

With squeezer, developers will be able to integrate the blockchain into their applications without having to tackle the entire blockchain infrastructure.

In their own words: “Whether you are an amateur developing your app or an expert on cryptocurrency, blockchain is the future. Squeezer Framework is the connector that makes the integration possible.”

Squeezer pre-sale opens February 20, 2018

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Shping is an ecosystem that allows participating brands the opportunity to learn from shoppers, and shoppers to gain rewards through the Shping app.

With the Shping app, shoppers can scan barcodes to find out relevant information about the product such as ingredients, authenticity, product recalls, as well as read reviews left by other Shping App users.

Shping gives brands and retailers the power to market products to users on the Shping App, while at the same time getting valuable feedback on their products. By lowering the price paid to advertising agencies, the Shping app passes on rewards to its users in the form of the Shping coin, which they can be exchanged on exchanges for cryptocurrency or fiat.

In their own words: “Scan any product barcode using the Shping app to learn what’s in it, where it’s from and if it’s authentic. Discover other people’s experiences and reviews and earn Shping coins as you go.

Shping token sale opens February 22, 2018

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shping ico

  • 1World Online

1World Online aims to solve a number of problems faced by marketers in the content publishing industry, namely the retention of readers who are switching in increasing numbers to social media, the growth of ad blockers, fraud problems, and questionable techniques.

1World’s solution is to provide an organic experience where publishers can find out more information about their readers, allowing them to provide more relevant content and better targeted advertisements. At the same time, readers will not feel like they is being bombarded with generic ads, but discover things that matter to them.

In their own words: “1World Online is a Silicon Valley company headquartered and operating in San Jose, California since 2012 with a mission to build a global software platform to supplement online content with interactive tools (such as Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Insights pages, Interactive Maps and other formats) that help answer the question “What Do People Really Think?

1World Online token sale opens February 26, 2018

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