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Bitcoin Chaser is partnering with Devslopes to offer their “Beginner Blockchain and Architecture” eLearning Course to Bitcoin Chaser’s readers. Part of the course is embedded below and the rest can be redeemed via the below coupon code. The team at Devslopes is a top instructor in the developer elearning space. Devslopes has been a best selling Udemy.com instructor for the last 3 years and has over 300,000 students.

With blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the rise, you need gain a basic understanding of what they are and how they will change the world in the future. Devslopes’ blockchain instructors bring real-world experience with them in the digital classroom to help you learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and development. It’s best to learn from industry leaders and professionals rather than to go it alone.

There are currently 7,900 global job postings on LinkedIn for blockchain developers. The number of job openings will continue to grow as blockchain technology moves through the product adoption curve.

What you will learn:

  • What is blockchain?
  • History of blockchain
  • Current & future potential use cases
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Blockchain developer ecosystem
  • Cryptocurrency transactions and wallets
  • Public and private keys
  • Mining & Hashing
  • Proof of Work & Proof of Stake
  • Public & private blockchains
  • Decentralized Application Platforms

What The Heck is Blockchain?

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Blockchain is basically an immutable public database.

Bitcoin is one example of blockchain tech where a digital currency was mined and granted to people based on the work put in by their computers. Mining programs basically perform complex calculations to verify the other transactions taking place around the globe are legitimate. In exchange for their processing power, they are granted tiny fractions of bitcoins, called satoshis.

Blockchain: Current & Future Potential

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If you’re thinking of blockchain from a business perspective, it’s a platform where peers can exchange values using transactions without the need for a central third party. In result, blockchain removes the need to worry about the validity or the security of the transfer. The implications of this could be massive. But let’s talk about the middleman for now. Why is that such a bad thing? Any app you use is relying on a third party backend server, right? If you use an app from Google or an app with a Firebase backend you are entrusting your data, your security, and your information to them. You send it to them and they send it to whoever you’re trying to reach. If their security is breached, your security is breached as well.

Crypto & Blockchain: Technical Overview

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This is all possible with blockchain technologies. What a time to be alive!

This training course is perfect for beginners and experts alike and should be taken before any other cryptocurrency and blockchain related programs. Jumpstart your future and join the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution with Devslopes! Make sure you have a Mac, PC with Windows 8+ or Linux in order to download the elearning course software.

Here are the redemption instructions:

  1. Go to this link:https://www.devslopes.com/blockchain/
  2. Click “Buy Now” on your course
  3. Enter the code: BLOCKCHAIN_COURSE_03PBLC
  4. Create a Devslopes account and click “Submit”
  5. Scroll down the page
  6. Enter the redemption code below in the “Coupon Code (Optional)” field
  7. Agree to the “Terms of Use”
  8. Click “Buy Now”

Our company, Devslopes, just launched their own token,Cache. Cache is a cryptocurrency that will empower developers to easily work with blockchain technology and create and manage digital assets with ease. The cryptocurrency is built upon the NEM blockchain. Beyond Devslopes’ blockchain elearning business we are building 2 products: Blockstart and Cacheout.

Blockstart allows blockchain developers to deploy their own blockchain in minutes, create digital assets in one click, set up transaction management systems, and interface with their blockchain through easy-to-use SDKs. SDK (software development kits) will be available for iOS, Android, and Unity. The Blockstart analytics dashboard will allow users to view network status, transactions, fees collected, active users, active nodes, and more.

The 2nd product we are building from proceeds of the token sale is Cacheout.Cacheoutwill be a currency-backed regulated economy where blockchain developers can ask and answer questions. Think Stack Overflow for blockchain. Users will be able to post a question and a bounty using Cache tokens. The user along with the community chooses the best answer and the bounty is awarded automatically.

Devslopes is excited to offer the Bitcoin Chaser community free access to our “Beginner Blockchain & Architecture” eLearning Course. If you have questions about the course, token sale or the blockchain tech we are building please reach out to us on Twitter at@CacheTokenoron Telegram.

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