All You Need to Know About Making a Winning Bet at 2018 Fifa World Cup

bitcoin sports betting world cup

bitcoin sports betting world cup

The countdown has begun to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia was awarded with the rights to host this year’s World Cup on 2 December 2010, and the stage is set for the start of what promises to be the most tightly contested competition yet in World Cup history. While the stadiums are being prepared, the players finalizing tactics, punters are placing initial bets and bookmakers are working out their odds.

This year we will be reveling in the skill of athletic machines like Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco, Neymar and the soccer king himself Lionel Messi. The 2018 tournament promises to be exciting and will bring with it some wild bets and out of this world wins! Bring on the games!

Why Germany are the Favorites

The current reigning world champions, Germany, are leading the betting boards worldwide as clear favorites to win the FIFA 2018 World Cup. Undoubtedly Joachim Low has taken German soccer to new heights, and in their last several outings at championship level they have reached at least the semi-final without fail.

The depth of the German team is unmatched by any of its rivals. Low has exposed a broad base of younger players by taking experimental teams to the Confederations Cup and dominating in the European competition. Nevertheless, the German team’s chances have been questioned recently, and odds makers know just how hard it is for teams to win back to back World Cup tournaments. Only Brazil and Italy have won back to back, and the last time a team pulled this feat was in 1962. Since 1966 there has been a different World Cup winner each time around, so Germany will have to overcome the statistical probability as well as another 31 teams.


Germany will also have to grapple with the lack of experience of some of its players. The addition of some young players like Joshua Kimmich, Timo Werner, Leon Goretzka, and Niklas Süle, gives the team a fresh flavour and renewed energy, but calls into question the ability of the squad to perform under pressure, due to the lack of experience.

Fine Form and the Confederation Cup Advantage

No one can dispute that Germany are in fine form and are clear favourites. Low’s team are only the second in history, next to Spain in 2010, to win all 10 games of a European qualifying campaign. Germany is coming into the tournament on top of the world, fresh off a successful Confederation Cup and this vigour may prove to be the Trump Card. Germany played in 3 of the stadiums during that competition that they will be playing on during the World Cup, inside knowledge is always advantageous, as well as knowing what to expect concerning climate, atmosphere, and accommodation.

Penalty Shootout Kings

In the last six tournament matches where Germany have had to face a shootout, they have won the game. This dates all the way back to 1982. No other team has this advantage in their favour, which is another statistic that works in favour of the current world champions.

Teams Looking To Take Down The Champs

There are a few teams to watch out for during the 2018 FIFA World Cup that could dethrone Germany. Let’s take a look at the possibilities:


Brazil may not seem to be the kind of team fans remember from the Ronaldo and Ronaldinho era. Their play can be lacklustre at times. Nevertheless, they qualified first in South America, one of the harshest continents to fight for a World Cup berth. With the inclusion of Gabriel Jesus, a 21-year soccer prodigy, they have gained some energy. In his first 15 appearances for Brazil, he has scored 9 goals. A boot like that, coupled with the genius that is Neymar and Roberto Fermino gives Brazil a fearsome front line. Defense has been brushed up with Marquinhos moving in and Dante out. The midfield inclusion of Casimiro and Coutinho have turned Brazil into a force to be reckoned with. They have also been winners of the World Cup a record 5 times and this is probably also why they have recently nudged Germany out of top of the odds board.


During the 2014 World Cup, there was no sign of the 2010 winning team that was Spain. They exited in the group stage. Those in the know think that they have revamped their team and done some soul searching regarding strategy. Some of the older players have also retired, adding younger legs to the mix. The midfield combination of Koke and Thiago Alcantara provide a strategic and forceful technical approach. Not only that, they have arguably the best goalkeeper in modern soccer in David de Gea. Lastly the fact that the pressure of being the favorites of this tournament have been lifted, they can play their style of football without any pressure. Their biggest challenge is the group they have to fight through which includes Morocco, Portugal, and Iran.


While France has not always been consistent in their performance. Emotional French behaviour has also caused some embarrassment in the past. Nevertheless, they certainly have to be considered as an outside favorite. They probably have the biggest pool of talent available to them in their selected squad since Zidane was leading the squad. Furthermore, there was the 2016 European Championship when they knocked Germany out of the competition. They went on to lose to Portugal in the final, and they probably are coming into the tournament wanting to prove a point.

Bitcoin Betting for World Cup

Regardless of which team you pick, the currency you use to place your bet will play a bigger role this time around. Millions of people from all over the globe place bets during the World Cup, one of the most hotly contested tournaments on the global sports calendar. With the implementation and rapid growth in the use of cryptocurrency, this year’s soccer World Cup will, without a doubt, reach new heights regarding betting online, and the amount of money brought to the tournaments betting pool. Now that you know who the leading contenders are, the question for many is where you can place your bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup using your chosen cryptocurrency.

Most online betting sites have already integrated Bitcoin into their list of accepted currencies. In fact, a lot are now featuring bonuses and promotions to encourage people to use Bitcoin as the preferred method of depositing and withdrawing money when betting. It’s because using Bitcoin is 100% secure and transparent, as well as the fact that there are no border restrictions, time delays or transaction fees.

Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites for the World Cup

The following are a few of some of the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency sports betting sites that are user-friendly and compared favorably to a lot of other betting sites.

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