Community Is the Key to Breaking Search Engine Monopoly

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This search monopoly can only be broken when the market witnesses the era of decentralisation coupled with the power of blockchain.Presearch.orgis trying to make a difference in this arena with the beta version of Presearch, the blockchain based decentralised search engine already in place. As a competitor to giants like Google, Presearch is making its mark by offering comprehensive results from major search engines, giving customers an element of choice. As a community centric project, they plan to add to their user base  ten thousand more users by January 2018. The project will function as a goto search engine for crypto community and the general public. The Presearch crowdsale token buyers are also a part of this growing community that are experiencing a new gateway to the Internet.

Tokens foster participation, reward use

Imagine using a search engine of search engines, that can search through Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo and other platforms in just one go but then also be rewarded to make the search. Presearch’s beta testers are already getting rewards of 8 PRE tokens per day. The Presearch (PRE) tokens will also be given out for running the Presearch browser extension, that will allow for crawling and indexing nodes to create the Presearch index as users surf web. This also solves problems associated with crawling and potential webmaster blocks. The token would reward community initiatives but also foster regular use.  The Presearch Token (PRE)was successfully launched after the token salewas concluded and more than US$ 16 mln raised in revenue. Now Presearch are deploying a strategy which they call the ‘gamification of search’. The token will not only be used to reward use and community contribution buy will go beyond that and will also be used for sponsorships and promotional placements. Partners who provide traffic would be rewarded using PRE. Members would even be able to reward other members on the platform and thus it would be possible to encourage projects to be created based on the ecosystem created around PRE. Beta testers are invited to register at the Presearchwebsitefor signing up, while contributors can already exploresharing their talents.

Some Facts and Figures about Presearch

Presearch is not your average search engine but it is based on the pillars of openness and transparency. It is an enabling platform that gives the power back to content creators, publishers as well as users. Driven by the community there is a high degree of democratisation at Presearch, which ensures that fairness is front and centre and no compromise about the cost of quality content, which always gets the priority. Presearch.org is making rapid strides, Cointelegraph was informed that the project should have 25,000 users by end of Q1 2018 and by that time frame one million searches per month would be made by these users. Already 50 percent of beta users of Presearch have converted into being daily users and are generating more than 20 page views each per day on average. The ranks of community are set to swell as there are 2,000 beta testers who are already waiting to test the search engine. Support is pouring in from advertisers as well, as we were informed by a Presearch.org spokesperson that discussions are on with major corporate brands include a high profile crypto company.

It takes a village to raise a search engine

Building a search engine is no small feat. The right people can make the difference. That is why industry leaders such as Rich Skrenta, the co-founder of the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and Trey Grainger, author of Solr, the no. 1 book on open source search technology are already onboard the Presearch advisory team. It will be an uphill task for Presearch to take a slice of the US$ 100 bln search market but with the efforts of the community that they are forging, it is quite practicable for them to leverage their approach of combining blockchain and search and make a success out of it.

Search needs community

Presearch as a project is community oriented and will allow for a search engine that is run through the inputs and skills of the community that surrounds it. In a press release made available to Cointelegraph they claim, “The vision is to create a platform that enables various constituents in the community to participate in the creation and ongoing maintenance of the search engine through an open source framework that will allow anyone to audit the code and ensure the platform is being operated in a fair and transparent way.” The search engine would benefit from skills of data scientists, subject matter experts and others who would all be able to use their unique skill sets to supplement the core index. This will ensure that the end product is more intelligent, relevant and user friendly.

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