PR: Pura to Be Listed on Kucoin Exchange: Trading Starts on Friday November 17

KuCoin prides itself in listing a unique variety of high-quality projects, far beyond the offering of other exchanges. PURA will be joining this special list on November 17, 2017. KuCoin traders will have access to PURA/BTC and PURA/ETH upon listing.

Pura Listing Kucoin Exchange

Users can start depositing and trading PURA on KuCoin November 17, 2017 at 13:00 (GMT +1).

Special PURA Listing Promotion:

As a special perk, traders will receive a bonus when choosing KuCoin as their exchange. Starting from November 17 until November 19, traders depositing BTC or ETH on KuCoin will receive the following rewards:

10 free PURA when depositing 0.1 BTC or 2 ETH*.
75 free PURA when depositing 0.5 BTC or 10 ETH*.

* Traders must keep their BTC or ETH on KuCoin for at least a week before receiving their PURA rewards. Of course you will be able to trade with these funds but you must keep them in the exchange for at least a week before receiving your reward.

About PURA:

PURA is a private, instant and secure international digital currency that allows individuals to transact instantly without having to depend on middlemen like banks or payment providers. Expenses for using external payment gates are also eliminated, making transactions private and more cost-efficient.

PURA distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrencies through its deep commitment to social responsibility and protecting the planet. As the world’s first socially and environmentally conscious cryptocurrency, PURA will soon be programmed by protocol design to contribute 10% of its mining rewards to the common good.

PURA only funds fully-transparent, blockchain-tracked, sustainable, environmental and social projects around the globe, removing the need to simply trust a nonprofit or prosocial cause based on good faith alone.

Their soon-to-be launched PuraPlanet update is the biggest step towards accomplishing this goal. PuraPlanet is the treasury, and PuraMission is the funding platform that seeks to list, fund and track sustainable, environmental and social projects around the globe.

You can read all updates and details about the project here: https://pura.one/

About KuCoin

KuCoin is a newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange; it started operations in September 2017 and is already making a big impression on traders and users thanks to its innovative listings, partnerships and user rewards.

Users can earn rewards in exchange for using the platform and holding the exchange’s token KucoinShares (KCS). Dividends are dependent on the number of coins each user holds and they are paid daily.

Users can also get a discount on trading rates, or earn 40% commission by referring other traders to the platform. In total, KuCoin gives 90% of its trading fee to users, while keeping 10% for a token buyback fund.

The long-term goal of KuCoin is to become one of the top 10 exchanges in the world, they have quickly gained traction by collaborating with many established communities and listing new tokens based on user’s opinions and requests.

They are often compared to Binance thanks to their simple User interface, fast transactions and good design. At the same time, they have gained notoriety for good customer support which has been well received by traders and users frustrated with larger exchanges’ lack of response to support requests. People have started calling it ‘the people’s exchange’

These are all of KuCoin’s markets at the time of writing: KuCoin Shares, Monetha, Walton, Ether, Hshare, Kyber Network, OmiseGo, Everex, Eos, GAS, NEO, Red Pulse, LiteCoin, QTUM, Bytom, Civic, TenX, Status, Black Hole Coin, Modum, Change, Raiden Network, Confido, Unikoin Gold.

Sign Up to KuCoin here: https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup

You can find all announcements about KuCoins future listings here: https://news.kucoin.com/en/category/announcements/

If you would like to get your token listed on KuCoin you can contact them here: http://kucoinform.mikecrm.com/tAssDWK

For business and other enquires you can email us here:
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