PR: B2BX Team Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange, or ICO from the Real Business

Perhaps, you have already heard about our B2BX project. This is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for margin and exchange trading, and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. We plan to connect at least 5% of Forex/DMA and stock brokers, and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies.

B2BX Cryptocurrency Exchange

We created this aggregator. B2Broker is the platform for companies which plans to launch its broker or trading business. We create a turnkey projects for our clients. Nevertheless, we don’t refuse to work on separate products.

The team has sufficient competence to undertake the most complex projects.
Since 2014 we have helped our customers from scratch run 40 high-tech brokerage companies in the countries such as Great Britain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia and Cyprus.

The Main working directions

There are only two of them. The first is the supply of technological solutions. We create a technological base, which includes IT and trading infrastructure, for brokerage companies and other organizations working in the financial sector.It works on the cloud distribution model of the SAAS project.The basis is a monthly subscription and round-the-clock support.Almost all our products are multipurpose, including:

Brokerage companies on a turnkey basis;
Solutions for connecting to liquidity providers;
Cryptocurrency solutions;
Other products

Note that turnkey solutions are beneficial for large brokerage companies, since they are cheaper to provide the development of the necessary software to the team of professionals than to do it themselves, spending a huge amount of resources and don’t be sure that the product will meet the current market requirements.

The second direction is working as a liquidity provider. We are doing aggregating Forex and crypto-currency liquidity. To perform these tasks, we use the best technological solutions, including Integral and Prime XM. But for crypto-currency liquidity, we use our own development – the B2BX aggregator.

To start working with B2BX, partners need to sign only one contract, after which they receive a single margin account and three types of liquidity, including the Crypto currency, Forex \ Spot and DMA Stock market. In addition to these partners, there is round-the-clock support in five languages, including English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese traditional and simplified.

Currently, more than 40 institutional clients work with B2Broker. These include:

Liquidity providers;
Forex brokers;
DMA Stock Market brokers;
Cryptocurrency brokers;
Cryptocurrency exchange;
Hedge funds, investment funds and companies;
Classic stock brokers;
Prop-trading companies, Family Office;
Processing companies (PSP, IPSP);
Fintech enterprises.

Now the team is adapting its experience in the financial sector to the market of cryptocurrencies. In the nearest future, it is planned to aggregate liquidity from the largest exchanges, and then, to aggregate bids from hundreds of brokers and companies, to create a huge market and the largest aggregator of crypto liquidity. By the end of next year the team plans to connect at least 200 brokers, and by the end of 2020 – to connect already 5% of the brokerage services market.

For more information visit our website: https://www.b2bx.pro/
Telegram: https://t.me/B2BX_ICO_eng
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